Panic attacks, anxiety, fear, pain, and other symptoms are something you don’t want to live with. If you have tried everything but nothing has worked, this is for you! Our mission is to empower others by teaching them how to quickly reverse heart health issues and improve the quality of their lives.

Today we’re going to talk about using a powerful yet simple system developed by Jeffrey to protect your heart. This system is called Harmonetiks and it can help you in several areas including stress, blood pressure, emotional balance, and more! This series is designed to help you discover the hidden joy, vitality, and peace of mind that lies within you, and provides proven techniques for accessing them.

Stress among other things like health conditions can lead to heart attacks and strokes, and besides using the traditional methods that western science offers, we can also get into some holistic strategies to prevent heart attacks or deal with them if we experience them. Of course, the first thing you should do if you have a heart attack is to call 911, but being able to recover from that and prevent it from happening again is as important, and what we are going to show you here is how to do it yourself through Harmonetiks.

Jeffrey, the creator of this system, shared his story and offered a great deal of insight into how he was able to develop this system of Harmonetiks that allowed him to treat himself with great success. Eight years ago he found himself in a health crisis and learned some techniques that helped him deal with his own situation of emergency that could have turned out to be a tragedy.

As we stated before, in the event of an emergency, as a first step seek immediate medical attention. If at any time you feel that you or someone else may be experiencing cardiac arrest, call 911 immediately, but while waiting for help to arrive you can do what Jeffrey did:

When he was having a heart attack, instead of panicking, he focused on breathing and drinking water because in ancient medicines the kidneys and the lungs help move the water. So he kept sipping water to be able to support that flow, as well as the breathing, to ease the work of the lungs.

Doctors were already notified of his condition, they did tests and found that his situation was worse than initially thought. But one doctor wanted to do surgery on him. Thankfully, he was in a hospital that didn’t perform heart surgery. He kept practicing his breathing, which started to get better, stay focused, and his heart became less tight. Days later, they did all the tests to perform the surgery and were taking a look at everything, and informed him that he was no longer going to need surgery. He pursued this on his own and was able to heal himself. Within a few days, he didn’t need anything but some pills the doctors prescribed.

Hopefully, you’ll never have a heart attack, but the techniques he used would be good practices for you whatever situation you’re in and will hopefully help prevent many life-threatening situations.

Harmonetiks is a term chosen by Jeffrey to describe the harmony between the organs, the connection of the electrical system that Chinese and Asian medicines talk about, and the way the spleen, liver, kidneys, and lungs work together. The body is designed by nature to synchronize, heal and repair itself.

In this program, you will learn about how your breath impacts your quality of life and learn how to use breath-based techniques that are scientifically proven to improve your heart health. These exercises can be done anywhere and at any time.

We’re going to be sharing the course in a series that is easy-to-follow, but also fun and exciting. You will find the secret science behind the breath. This is the science from ancient times, something that you can use in your daily life and it’s so easy to do because all we have to do is breathe! These breathing techniques will boost your heart rate, raise your vibrational frequency, and better oxygen intake.

It will take you deeper into the world of quantum physics and microvita, our tiny life forms that employ circular motions. Check our YouTube channel where we have some tutorials for you to start practicing these breathing techniques that benefit your heart and overall life quality!