Both chi and microvita are forms of energy. The Asian system uses the terminology chi to refer to the energy that flows through the body. Chi energy is also called qi and prana. Chi energy is the source of all our physical, emotional, and psychological functioning. Microvita are “small life forms”, while chi are energy manifestations in the human body.

Chi energy is the underlying force behind all movement, growth and transformation that exists in this world. The chi energy that flows through the body exerts a profound effect on one’s health and well-being. Chi energy and microvita are related with the help of chi. Chi energy helps circulate in the body and keeps it healthy, along with the microvita. It’s an electrical current that flows from the feet through the ankles and knees, all the way to the top of your head and beyond. If your palms are above your head, it can continue all the way through your hands and out your fingertips. The chi flow is continuous throughout our body.

Each organ has an electrical system through which this energy passes. This has been studied in many ways by western science and proven that it does exist. And based on signs and symptoms, your body will tell what organ is having the issue. When we’re talking about breathing, we’re talking about anxiety, we’re talking about compromised breathing, and being in fear. When we’re in fear, what happens is there is a contraction of breath in the body. That’s when we need to synchronize our lungs and kidneys again because the lungs and the kidneys work together. If you have an imbalance in one area, it affects the other areas. The lungs and kidneys share a symbiotic relationship – breathing influences your kidneys, but also the other way around. So, part of our treatment is focused on helping you become more aware of your breathing patterns and how they can affect your health and keep your organs in balance.

The great thing about what we’re doing is that you have the power, you can synchronize yourself, and now we’ll give you the tools to look at yourself on a deeper level. Because so many times we look at the symptoms and what’s happening in our body or our mind, but we don’t go deep enough to understand where it’s coming from. And that’s where these courses come into play because they really help you understand how to do that. Remember, we always suggest you go to a western doctor and use all the western technology. What we are talking about are the tools that the Asian system has and are here to help you. That’s the key, the flowing of energy and identifying what organs or energies are not synchronized with others so that you can reconnect them and experience a positive impact on your health.

In the Indian system, there’s a specific terminology and they talk about seven chakras. There are many different terminologies and disciplines about the chakra system, but these seven are the ones they mainly talk about. The energy centers in the body are related to different aspects of our existence, both on a physical level and on an emotional level. In the Indian system of chakras, six are connected to the physical body and one is a little above it. In quantum physics you have both systems, in the human body, you also have both. We work with both systems because they are essentially the same thing.

As you do these practices, you’re going to start to identify what your issues are, and each chakra has different functions. This is not just a tool to improve your health and wellbeing, it’s a framework you can use to approach success in all areas of your life. Simply by establishing a regular practice routine you will begin to see yourself transform from the inside out.

The microvita and chi therapy use the life force as vital energy, is a process of natural elixir refinement that provides balance as the one existing between yin and yang; which will prevail in the life of those who feel it, manifesting in the thoughts, behavior, health, and life in general.

Are you a believer in qi, or are you more inclined to delve into the chakras? Have you got questions about either system? Then join us for our classes on energy healing, where you can learn both. We do both and are here to help you heal yourself!