Tired? Out of energy? Take a rest wherever you are. You’re not taking a rest when you’re lying in bed. You’re getting a bit of shuteye. Taking a rest is simply knowing how to stand or sit in such a way as if you’re in the most effortless place you can be. You will learn where to line up, how to be in a position of taking a rest, body, and brain, and live in that position.

The Readiness Stance or Take a Test position is your most powerful tool. It’s a way to connect with your body, your energy, and the Earth. Learn how to put your energy where it needs to be to recalibrate yourself, so that you can expand beyond what limits you from showing up in life. This posture can be adopted anywhere and anytime and will help you energize yourself and recharge your batteries.

Are you feeling, anxious, stressed, or just tired? Take a rest, recharge, and get back on track. The Take a Rest position is an essential skill for anyone, those who work with their body – whether you are an athlete or not-, or those who just need a mental break from stressing, draining, situations.

Taking a rest means quieting your mind, not just your body. To take a rest, is to allow yourself to fully relax with both your body and mind. The most important element to taking a rest is being aware of how you’re resting. This means knowing how to stand or sit up in an effortless way, which also makes you feel comfortable.

Learning to take a break and sit or lie down in your body is one of the most important practices you can perform, especially if you have a busy life. Each posture in this short sequence helps to build an awareness of how to stand or sit comfortably so you can feel great while doing it.

Just let go and breathe in deeply, finding calmness and balance. No matter if you are at work or out of it, this will bring more energy to your body and mind. It’s easy, effective and has immediate results, which can be achieved in just seconds.

When you are taking a rest, your feet are the first thing to do. Our hands can relax as well as our eyes, but when it comes to feet, all muscles need to be very active and connected, so that this energy can be translated up in the rest of the body (your kidneys, for example). Once again, we learn how to connect the lower part of our body (feet) with all organs till the brain.

Take a rest, but not the typical way. This position unplugs you from your body and takes you to a “Calibrated” mode that allows you to be aware without being distracted.

We all need to take a break from time to time, but it can be hard to find the time and energy. The Readiness Stance is not a full-on posture, but a healthy position you can take anywhere, anytime, for as long as needed. Its focus is on the lower body, that’s why the benefits are so holistic: from finding energy in your body to calming your mind, by doing it correctly and safely.

This position relaxes and calms you. Once you learn how to position yourself in your body, align your energy and reconnect with your mind and emotions, no matter where you are, what you do for a living, or how old you are, you will find it easier to become centered before any activity and achieve a state of readiness. The Readiness Stance is an easy, effortless way to relax, a simple skill which helps you refocus your attention when you need it most.

Unplug, recalibrate, and get ready for the day!