There is a lot of power in your hands that you can use to make changes in your life.

The power that you possess is the power to practice. Microvita is the power placed in your hands that gives you the ability to change your life in a positive manner, and this is due to your ability to practice on an everyday basis. There are two analogies we would like to share with you:

1. – You are the one who practices this everyday, which gives you the power to make the changes in your life.

2. – The power in your hands can also be a metaphor for the fact that when you practice, you have the power to make the changes in your life force, and the microvita are the components of this life force.

Microvita are the special characteristics of your life force. They are not born in vacuum, but are created by our internal world and external life. When we practice using microvita, we gain power over them and have the ability to change our lives.

We teach our students the alignment of the energy that allows this power to flow through their bodies. This alignment has been felt by many people in the sensation between their hands, which creates a magnetic feeling of life force. In fact this tingly magnetic feeling is what we call microvita. So the power to change these energies is what we are going to teach you in our courses.

There is an energy inside of us. This energy empowers us to do anything we set our minds to, and heal any illness. The power between your hands that comes from what is inside you creates the microvita that will allow you to change your life force and life.

The good things in life and the bad things are all made up of microvita. Microvita can be positive or negative. When you feel your hands and look out into the world, you will be able to see and balance these energies.

The Microvita is the neutral energy that is around us all the time. It can be the good things or bad things that happen during your day. If something is happening in your life, you can feel, hear the power of microvita by feeling your hands and feeling the energy flowing through your body. In either type of situation you can choose to feel your hands. For example, if a stressful situation arises, you can feel the negative microvita and turn that anxiety into a positive feeling. Also, when something good happens, you will be able to feel the positive microvita which will give you much more power to your hands. That’s the positive microvita. Your body responds to the microvita all the time, a real thing that happens to everyone. Everyone can feel microvita.

Focusing on your hands is a simple and effective way to keep yourself grounded. By focusing on the energy coming through your hands you can become more aware of it and feel what types of thoughts you are having in that moment.

The power is in your hands as you take the courses and you practice them, we can help you adjust your powerful microvita. When you’re feeling good, you can then experience the feel of your own energy in your hands, anywhere and in any situation you’re going through.

That’s the first thing, you can feel the power in your hands. And then the second thing is that you will be able to feel the difference between the two microvitas. One is positive and one is negative one. So if there is something happening around you or if you’re feeling something in your life, you can use this to help yourself feel better and balance things out.

When you feel overwhelmed, anxious or weak, it is your microvita that sends you the signal. Feeling the microvita is a measurement tool for your energy levels, a tool to manage and control your energy that will help you stay focused during your day.

Overwhelm and stress are often the result of a disconnect with our source of energy. There is so much opportunity for growth when we can once again access it! The classes teach you how to go from overwhelmed to a more free flowing state of energy in your body. The power is in your hands by listening, feeling that magnetic force through practice. You can make the changes and not be a victim to feeling stressed out, anxious or overwhelmed.

Balance your energy for life with Microvita!