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Do you want to enhance your capacity for healing and improve your performance while you achieve a deep state of relaxation and peace? This energy-healing method is here to help you!

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Microvita and the Harmonetiks project focus on helping veterans who have developed trauma from their service, as well as young men and women who are going into special operations for the Army. We offer candidate development training to support these individuals in their service. You will learn a collection of techniques that will help you bring your body to a state of effortless and calmness, by healing the patterned part of your mind.

Our healing programs are dedicated to developing our troops and improving their performance through mental and emotional well-being. This program greatly impacts the physical wellness of those who take it. 



Microvita Healing Benefits

  • These unique techniques will release stress, anxiety, and tension while keeping you uplifted and energized. 
  • Put the body in the correct flow of energy and the brain in a deeply calm state 
  • Heal while you have fun
  • Be part of a community
  • Live with optimism

We have mainly worked with individuals in the various arm forces, veterans, people who became Navy Seals, first aid operators, marines, army intelligence, helicopter pilots, and people in different aspects of the military. This has been fascinating because they all start with skepticism and then they all embrace it fully.

      Microvita Healing &                                                                Veteran Organizations

We are currently a solution provider for Veteran Mission Possible, which is an organization focused on preventing veteran suicides, and also addressing veteran medical debt. We have been approached by a couple of homeless shelters that work with veterans and try to rehab veterans. We’re in negotiations with them and connecting with other organizations such as the Easter’s Seals and their veterans’ division. We started with Veteran Mission Possible but we’re now branching out and connecting with all these veteran organizations.

              How to start?

You can start in a number of ways: live classes, video classes, and also through ground and private sessions. You can do this on your own or with friends and family members if you want. If you miss a class, a recording will be available. 

You can have a taste of our program by joining our free classes. The paid classes are more in-depth. Our courses are designed to help you learn and heal with us. You will have fun, make new friends and be introduced to our incredible healing community. You will learn how to become more empowered to heal yourself, your family, and others. 

The program “Calm the Mind, Relieve Anxiety and Build the Immune System” is the first course you should take. The veterans are in harm’s way and often endure trauma caused by their experiences. This course is designed to bring peace, clarity, and motivation to veterans. It will also help them build their immune system to improve their health. 

Learn how to release stress, heal from trauma, and create a holistic health paradigm with us!

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A full listing of our courses are available here and you can also find and book our guided sessions on our website. Understand how disease works, and most importantly how to heal yourself; internally, externally, physically, and mentally. We will assist you in meeting your health needs using energy healing therapy that will provide balance to your life. Achieving inner peace, mental and physical health, is possible with microvita healing treatments! 

Achieve Optimal Wellness


While serving on active duty as a Helicopter Crew Chief for The White House in the United States Marine Corps, I was fortunate to gain vast, real-life experiences that a typical civilian life would never have offered me. But the transition back to civilian life can present several perceived miscommunications in personal and professional relationships. Service members often encounter situations of unfulfilled expectations. I’ve been working with Doc Zimmerman and his Microvita/Harmonetiks methods have aligned the energy of my mind and body, and it has given me more clarity in my day-to-day activities. It’s helped my breathing and reduced anxiety significantly. I feel as if weight is lifted off my shoulders. I’m feeling reinvigorated and more optimistic.

Christian Benites

I’m an Army veteran and focus on psychological operations and information warfare. I’ve been all over the world and I look at human behavior and how human psychology can affect things like extremism, radicalization, and insurgency. But when the mind is calmest, it is much less likely to be manipulated. My friend, Dr. Jeff Zimmerman and his Microvita and Harmonetiks methods, helps veterans, first responders, and myself to practice very beneficial breathing and movement techniques that help calm the mind and improve mental health.

John Kirbow

Dr. Zimmerman is a gifted individual with tremendous training, who deeply cares for people, and can affect everyone on so many different levels. I got involved with him for personal and increased physical performance and healing. I know the moment I get off Dr. Zimmerman’s table, I’m going to be refreshed, renewed and the pain in my back healed. I know I trust him with my life. His amazing program, Microvita/Harmonetiks, can help tens of thousands of veterans, non-veterans, and first responders who desperately need to be healed.

Alan Sharkany

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