All of us have a unique Microvita or small amount of energy, consciousness and wisdom within our body. This energy is responsible for everything that goes on in our minds, bodies and emotions.

Microvita are vibrational energy formations that are present in all living things, as well as in matter. They have a minimal, but incredibly powerful effect on our mental and physical wellbeing – even affecting future generations. In Sanskrit, Microvita means living tiny particles or living intelligence that create a tangible impact on matter and affect you at all levels including your health, your emotions, and relationships.

The term “Microvita” is plural for “Micro-vitum” and literally means “micro-life”. Microvita was first introduced in 1986 by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, an Indian philosopher and yogi, as a theory of tiny entities or “small life forms” that are eminent throughout the universe and are found throughout our bodies. Although one cannot see them with powerful microscopes, their subtle energy exists, and they can provide you with vast healing opportunities to help you live in harmony and balance. Learn how to use them for yourself in this introductory guide, and for a detailed exploration of how to practice by joining Dr. Jeffrey Zimmerman in a live class!

Sarkar postulated that microvita exist within both the physical and psychic realms, and denotes the energy-substance of which matter is composed. It was described as a very fine material substance of an indefinable nature, present in every existing thing and not subject to change under any circumstance; an imperceptible thing but could be rendered perceptible through supraphysical means such as meditation.

Microvita are found in the body’s chakras (“circles” in Sanskrit), which are pathways or collection points of energy found in the glands and sub-glands in the human body, such as the thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary and pineal. Amazingly, the chakras control the expressions or tendencies of human thought, which are always emerging and dissolving. Whenever one has active or passive thoughts, they create subtle vibrations of energy throughout the chakras which cause hormones to be secreted. These vibrations will have an impact on one’s physical, psychological, and spiritual health and well-being.

There are seven chakras found in the human body. The first and most basal or “crude” chakra starts at the base of your spine, and they progress upwards along the spine through the pelvis, abdomen, chest, throat, and eyebrows, and the seventh is found at the top of your head, which has the most subtle vibrational energy. Sarkar noted that whenever thoughts occur, along with movements and functions in your body, microvita create sounds or acoustic roots in each chakra.

Your chakras are part of your energetic body. As we move through life, they can become out of balance and need healing. Chakras transmit energy and vibrations, and every expression has an acoustical root. As a child in music class, you may recall learning the “Do Re Mi Fa So La, Si, Do” musical system to learn notes. This is known as solfege. The use of solfege as a guide to treat yourself is particularly helpful. By using this system of vibrational healing, we can identify which chakras need adjusting and how they need to be adjusted. This method allows the vibrations to flow with your active or passive thoughts. We can check for imbalances in our chakras and correct them by providing notes that are missing or out of sync with the rest.

The Microvita Vibrational Healing System

Is a subtle but powerful way to bring harmony, balance, and healing to yourself or someone else. It allows you to become aware of the presence of your own life energy, which has been called the bio-energy field or microvita. You then use your natural ability to affect that Life Energy and return it to full functioning health.

Sit in a chair or stand, plug your feet into the earth and let go. Use this as a mental journey with yourself. There is nothing that needs to be said except bring your awareness to each chakra starting with the “Re” chakra at the base of your spine, give it a value rating of 1-10 on how you connect with that chakra. One is where you feel no connection and ten is where you feel a deep connection. An individual may feel a tingling of vibration or heat in the hands for example, but this will vary from person to person. As you bring your focus to each chakra, you are affecting that chakra. Then, after a time, you move to the next. This system of vibration healing is designed to help you feel grounded and connected to all parts of yourself. We go over this information in the live classes.

Do: Bottom of feet. Although this historically is not a chakra, it is a circle that we use to “plug into” the earth’s energy so we include it in this section.

Re: The most basic, or crude chakra found at the base of the spine, controls the expressions of psychological, psychic, physical, and spiritual longing.

Mi: This chakra, found six fingers about the basal chakra, controls the expressions of belittlement of others, lack of common sense, indulgence, lack of confidence, thoughts of extinction, and cruelty. Passion and creation are also expressions of this chakra.

Fa: This chakra, found two fingers below the navel, controls the expressions of shyness and shame, sadism, envy, sleepiness, melancholy, irritability, desire to acquire things, infatuation, hatred, revulsion, and fear. It’s also the center of the body (i.e., “the shelter of greatness”) and thus has the maximum accumulation of power, fire, and heat, giving it a strong element of life force. As the center of the body’s vital energy, it is aligned with our serenity and creativity.

Sol: This chakra, found at the center of the chest near the heart, controls the expressions of hope/hopelessness, worry, effort, love, vanity, conscience, discrimination, mental numbness due to fear, ego, avarice, hypocrisy, arguing to point of wild exaggeration, repentance, and deciding whether something is right or wrong. It is also connected with the respiratory system, so if your solar plexus chakra is underactive, you may need to relax the mind more often.

LA: This chakra, found at the throat, has many associated with it, including the acoustic roots of creation, preservation, dissolution, and the arousing of the fundamental spiritual force at the base of the spine. There is also putting theory into practice, expression of mundane knowledge, welfare in the subtler sphere, performing noble actions, surrender to the divine, repulsive expression, and sweet expression. When this chakra is balanced and healthy, it can improve your ability to speak from the heart, help you accept who you are and learn how to be comfortable with being judged by others, boost your sense of self-worth, help you listen without judgment, calm anger issues, and unleash powerful creativity.

SI: This chakra is found at the pituitary gland which influences the upper part of the human body and the lower part beneath the navel and there are various acoustic root sounds that activate the frontal lobe of the brain and create energy balance. By stimulating this chakra, one can achieve a sense of balance between mind, body, soul, and spirit, which translates into health, physical strength, and energy balance.

DO: This chakra is found at the pineal gland and it controls the expressions of deep spiritual connection and surrender to the Divine, contemplation of that which is beyond the body, and meditation. Through our thoughts, feelings and actions we can direct energy here to increase our spiritual connection. When this chakra is overactive, you may feel ungrounded and unable to find calmness within yourself. When underactive, you may feel disconnected from others or from your own higher self.

Microvita, as the smallest unit of life in the universe, is developed and influenced by all five elements in nature: earth, wind, water, fire, and space. These elements interact with one another to create infinite possibilities. We all have microvita as the building blocks of all life and can be used to balance your life force or neutralize other soul types if needed.

Microvita is a simple and pleasurable self-treatment practice that can help you access the limitless potential of your own subtle energy system. With this new dynamic approach, we are working with your subtle energy system to increase not only your health and performance but also spiritual development. We can teach you how to use the microcosmic system to treat yourself and others. Through this simple self-treatment tool, we can access the limitless potential of our own energy. Join us in our live class and start your healing journey today!